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Last updated on Friday July 01, 2016

Sherri in the great outdoors

Hi, I’m Sherri Flegel, RMT extraordinaire! My secret to making you pain free, flexible and relaxed is a magic wand. But don’t tell anyone. I’d have to raise my rates if people found out.

I provide Registered Massage Therapy treatments out of Embody Health Centre, a clinic offering massage therapy, physiotherapy, and a host of other services dedicated to health, happiness and physical well-being. Building on the foundations of standard Swedish massage, I often incorporate myofascial release techniques as I strongly believe it provides a more effective treatment when appropriate. I am constantly seeking new techniques and new knowledge to bring to my practice, as you can see in the complete list of my training and experience.

My philosophy is that it is your treatment, and I want you to get as much out of it as possible. I listen to you, I look at what your body posture is showing me, and let my hands and my experience treating a wide array of conditions tell me where I can help. And I do this for every treatment. Before, during, and after. I check in, and make sure the treatment is meeting your needs that day, at that moment. This may be different each time you see me, or maybe it is the same. I build on my experience with you, assessing and re-assessing to make sure we are working towards your goals, whether they are a simple relaxation massage, therapeutic massage for a chronic condition, or a more targeted injury rehabilitation.

So as you see the treatment is about you. But it is also about your relationship with me. I am your therapist, and you need to trust me and my abilities. As a daughter of a successful small business owner, I grew up understanding the value of reputation and good working relationships. I enjoy being self-employed and helping people. I take great pride in being professional, but approachable. I respect confidentiality. And I love what I do.

In my first year at the University of Waterloo, my room-mate was stressed out studying for her first exams. I turned on Pachelbel’s Canon in D set to ocean waves (cheesy but effective!), and intuitively gave her a shoulder massage. We joked if my career path in environmental studies didn’t work out, maybe I could be an RMT! Feel free to ask me about my years as a field biologist or why you don’t hear nature sounds in my treatment room any more.

In my spare time, I build with Lego, pretend to be an astronaut, or make sidewalk chalk art. I love being outside in nature, especially canoe tripping, hiking and camping in it. I dream of one day having my own spare time again, to continue dabbling in sewing projects, stained glass projects, running half marathons and having a regular yoga practice.

Okay, I know you know, but don’t tell my two young kids that I don’t have a magic wand. I think they already figured out that I don’t have eyes on the back of my head!